Urban Design + Planning

With over 15 years of experience, Meraaki Design team has been working on master planning and urban street level transit projects like multimodal transit integration and system, BRTS, NMT plans, street scapes, airport traffic circulation and re organising project affection people into new habitats
at Ratnagiri. While working on such projects we have always been mindful to integrate and design optimum space for various modes of transport, reducing carbon footprint to protect environment and developing inclusive and sustainably responsive designs.
In addition to these our team has worked on various research projects that include street design manuals, Development Plan Reports for multiple cities across India, implementation of good practice for urban transportation manual and policy research on open spaces and affordable housing (USA).

Architecture Design

“I don’t think I have ever been inspired by what other architects have done but more by what ordinary craftsmen have created.” – Laurie Baker
The central idea behind all of our architecture projects is – Go Green. We work hard to make our projects sustainable with minimal carbon footprint. Meraaki Designs is always consciously exploring alternate and vernacular techniques of construction, utilizing them to create modern and contemporary environment. We resonate with Laurie Baker’s principle of using indigenous

Interior Design

We find it an achievement when we re-create intimate personal spaces and they are loved and cherished by our clients. Meraaki Design’s working process behind any interior project includes understanding our client’s personality, requirements and wishes. We focus on bringing in natural light and ventilation and optimizing mood lighting relevant to the space. We believe in designing spaces, which the clients find themselves comfortably personalizing as their own.

Drafting Services

We have the team and we have the skills. Where everything is going digital, the construction world needs more and more collaborative efforts to optimize skills for the best results. We are a team of efficient professionals to provide every kinds of drafting service; from Cad Conversions to 3d modelling, from walk through renderings to BIM services.